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Reduce stuffing weight fluctuations with the Hitec EQ-12V equalizing system.


Introducing the next level of performance, the HITEC EQ-12V. Developed with a mechanical simplicity and dependability surpassing all other machines, the EQ-12V sets new standards in productivity.
This machine adopts the most advanced technology to allow complete control of your process and reduce pressure fluctuations between the meat pump and hot dog linker. The pulsation generated when the pump is in motion or stopped is smoothly absorbed in the equalizing cylinder and feeding to the linking system is kept at a constant pressure. Therefore minute adjustment of the sausage weight can be easily made with a high degree of precision, increasing yields in production.
All stainless steel construction Type 304, 2B finish.
Heavy duty stainless steel frame design to ensure structural integrity.
Entire system designed for lasting equipment longevity and highest
food safety in mind.
Reduction In Material Damage
The equalizer pressure absorption cylinder ensures smooth,
non-pulsing and gentle feeding of the material to the linker.
Compared to return valve systems, there is no product
damaging rework effect.

Simple Operation

User friendly controls ensure easy and uncomplicated operation of the equalizer.

Sanitary design

Hitec embraces the philosophy of good sanitary design to reduce food safety risks.
The EQ-12V is easily disassembled for washing, maintaining a high standard of hygiene.